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           SAINTS 2020-2021 - September Start
Saints is starting its 14th season in Texas and it's our continued prayer to honor God and be a blessing to our Saints families. Our season openings is determined by the status of each of the City or County parks we use.
Please visit the (2020/2021 Calendar & Locations) link to the right for your park start day. 
New this year: For families outside our Saints area or those not ready to attend an in person class, we will be offering enhanced instructional videos on a virtual platform for a monthly fee.  We will have a tub of sports equipment, used in these videos, available for families to purchase. 
Saints of Texas will be following all CDC and State recommendations for outdoor youth sports programs. We will also be posting additional protocols for Saints at the park in the coming weeks. We want to insure the safety of your children physically, spiritually and emotionally. 


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In 2020 Zimbabwe is still facing severe drought and with the onset of the Corona virus they see themselves ill prepared to face this pandemic. Your donations to Zimbabwe get distributed through two local churches in Harare and Tafora. 
Is your Co-op or Home School friends interested in Saints P.E. program in your area? Contact us and we'll set up a trial day at one of your local parks. It typically takes 20-25 students to begin a Saints class near you!  

Contact Us at:

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