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A Day at Saints of Texas...

Outside physical education

Our program is designed to be a professional physical education program, just as a student would receive from a traditional school. From September through May, we teach “every sport imaginable” at county and city parks located in the greater Austin area. We teach four different sports activities from the ground level up for four consecutive weeks. Then we rotate, teaching four new sports activities for another four consecutive weeks, and so on.  We currently offer half day programs at each of the parks. Please review the Locations page for specific times, either morning (9:00am-12:00pm) or afternoon (1:00pm-4:00pm). It is our prayer that as our program grows we will be able to offer both programs at each park.  This would give Homeschool families the flexibility to teach their children academics in the morning and attend P.E. Class in the afternoon or vice versa! Also, for families wanting to attend P.E. for the entire day, there is also the option of enrolling in both daily sessions. We are a “drop-off” program, but parents are certainly welcome to stay if you feel that is in the interest of your child(ren). However, it is not required for parents to stay.


Whether a student participates in the morning or the afternoon session, or both, each session is identical in format. During a three hour block of time, students are divided up into appropriate age groups, maintaining a 12:1 child to instructor ratio for ages 7 through 16, and a 6:1 child to instructor ratio for 5 & 6 year olds. These groups the rotate through a “circuit” of different sports activity stations. The first activity lasts for 30 minutes, then each group rotates to the next station for another 30 minute activity. Groups then break for a 30 minute snack (provided by parents), and then go out onto the field to the next 30 minute sports activity station. We rotate once more to the next 30 minute activity and then we end the day with a big group activity (i.e. tug-o-war). Through the rotation schedules, we are able to offer much variety in your child(ren)’s P.E. program.


Some of the activities experienced by your child(ren) in any given session :


                              Saints Ball             Frisbee           Field Hockey        Dodge Ball

                              Basketball              Kick Ball         Tag Games           Golf

                              Flag Football         Baseball          Relay Races         Four Square

                              Volleyball               Soccer             Tennis                  and lots more....



C.H.A.A provides filled water coolers out on the field and under shelters throughout the day. We give plenty of shade time, provide first aid, sun block, and the best care and encouragement for your children. We also keep with us, at all times, the registration forms containing the emergency contact name(s) and phone number(s) you provide. Parents, in turn, have complete access to our field phone and cell number(s).     



We hold C.H.A.A. SAINTS P.E. classes rain or shine. When the weather turns bad, we turn to “plan B” and operate under the shelter or go to indoor facilities.


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