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Christian Homeschool Athletic Association of Texas
                 Physical Education for our Homeschool Children
Where Jesus is Lord and Every Child is a Winner

Saints Scholarships

Each season at Saints a number of families at all park locations receive financial assistance so that their children have an opportunity to attend Saints P.E. If the Lord has placed it on your heart to support Saints in helping fellow Saints families, you can write a check to CHAA and in the memo section of the check write Scholarship fund. No contribution is too small. Thank you.

Your check can be mailed to: CHAA-Saints, PO Box 3953, Cedar Park, TX  78630

Zimbabwe Africa Mission

In the summer of 2017, I along with my wife Susan, our son Stevie and our friend Mary Jane traveled to Zimbabwe Africa, to start a Saints Program for children living in the impoverished communities of Harare and Tafara. We hosted a jump rope-a-thon to raise money to be able to purchase all the uniforms, sporting equipment, and meals for the children attending the program.  We spent two full days of training and teaching over 17 sports and games to the 12 young men and women who volunteered to coach. 


We kicked off Saints of Zimbabwe in the Tafara community and over two days met, taught and played games with over 300 children, young adults, and all ages of people with disabilities and special needs.  What a privilege to love and serve God’s Children.

Both of the communities that Saint’s serves are extremely impoverished with 90% unemployment, lack of food, water, and shelter.  Unlike Saints of Texas, at Saints in Zimbabwe, the children all attend at no cost. The children learn and play a variety of sports, are fed a hot meal of sadza and greens, and hear the word of God. Leader of Saints of Zimbabwe, Coach Ralph, and his volunteer coaches have been dedicated to bringing the love of our Lord Jesus to these children and their families in Tafara and Harare for over 2 years.

Saints of Texas has continued to purchase and send Saints of Zimbabwe sporting equipment, uniforms, small coaches’ stipends, and funds for the meals for the children. We need your help! First of all, we covet your prayers for the Saints mission in Zimbabwe. Jesus in the Gospel of John chapter 21 asks Simon three times if Simon loves him, and then instructs him to, “Feed my lambs,” “Tend my sheep,” “Feed my sheep.”   Second, if you feel led to help support Saints of Texas efforts in Zimbabwe, no donation is too small.  Please make your check out to CHAA- Saints. In the memo line write Zimbabwe Fund.

Your check can be mailed to: CHAA-Saints, PO Box 3953, Cedar Park, TX 78630

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