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Backyard Saints

Weekly Bible Verse

Backyard Saints Activity Videos

Baseball- getting feel of the ball
Baseball- throwing and catching
Cardio Obstacle course 
Baseball- fielding ground balls
Cardio - River jump
Baseball- pitch and catch
Volleyball - Low Net 
Fun Time - Sock Shuffleboard
Cardio - Walk the Box
Fun Time - Balloon Badminton
Fun Time - Racket/Paddle  Games
Fun Time-One Square
Cardio -  stretch
Fun Time - Sock Dodgeball
Cardio - Tic-Tac-Toe
Cardio - Inch Worm 
Cardio - jump rope
Cardio - card Cardio
Soccer -Ball Control     
Soccer - Knockout        
Soccer -  Directional Kick    
Cardio - Stretching         
Cardio -Squats       
Cardio - sit-ups           
Fun Time-Water Balloon Toss      
Future Saint     
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