Bible Verse for this week of Backyard Saints

Backyard Saints Activity Videos

Saints handling ball
Throwing and catching
Obstacle course 
Fielding ground balls
River jump
Pitch and Catch
Sock Shuffleboard
Walk the Box
Low Net Volleyball
Balloon Badminton
Racket/Paddle  Games
One Square
Time to Stretch
Sock Dodgeball
Inch Worm Cardio
Jump rope
Card Cardio
Opening 5/21
Soccer Ball Control       5/21
Soccer Knockout        5/21
Soccer Directional Kick    5/21
Stretching         5/21
Cardio Squats       5/21
Sit Ups                5/21
Water Balloon Toss          5/21
Future Saint      5/21
Saints 2019-2020 Closing